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Dan Dougherty

It’s the Information Age

The world a brand exists in is exciting and dynamic – just like its customers. So, how do brands capture the imagination of their customers when the competition for attention is so fierce? Where do you even find them to interject a few powerful thoughts for their consideration? Will word-of-mouth referrals and location be enough?

The SBA says most businesses fail because they don’t invest enough in marketing. Organizations often see marketing as optional, something to do if they have extra revenue. Or, something to cut if revenues decline. What successful brands know is that communications is as essential as any part of an operation. It is the only tool that attracts customers and leads to success.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to afford professional assistance with your marketing. Even better – with the right choices, you can give your message the zip it needs to stand out and get noticed.


Strategic Communications

Strategic communications fosters growth and profitability. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it needs to be in writing and up-to-date. Dan can write or troubleshoot your plan.

Graphic Design

Graphic design makes your business strategy visible and memorable. It tells the public how a brand wants to be perceived. Dan can provide design, writing, photography, videography, social media and website design services.

Branded Content

Branded content creates more frequent and authentic engagement by wrapping your brand’s purpose in broader subjects. Dan can write social media plans, regular postings, press releases, newsletters, and feature articles.


Ten Essential Principles

Human nature makes communication difficult and counterintuitive. Even when we communicate directly, it’s the emotion behind the scene that matters. Take seat belt use. “Seat Belts Save Lives” sounds good and is direct, but it didn't increase use. “Click It or Ticket” increased use and achieved the goal of saving lives. Why? We don’t drive around worrying about being in a fatal accident – it seems too unlikely. But, we do worry about getting a ticket. That happens. These ten principles are proven to yield communications that are effective.

Fresh Eyes

Bring a fresh perspective to the core issues facing a brand.


Integrate strategic & creative thinking.


Create emotional relationships with customers.


Omit secondary messages for single-focus.


Cultivate strategic thought leadership

brooklyn-phone copy


Capture the imagination of targets.


Puncture customer consciousness.


Prompt evaluation with striking symbols of change.


Maintain brand freshness with ideas.


Engage in spirited, prolonged conversations.


Meet the Team

Dan’s 30 years of experience brings creative skills, consumer insights, and fresh ideas to the table. His creative work has received numerous ADDY Awards for Excellence from the American Advertising Federation, plus he maintains memberships in the American Marketing Association, Public Relations Society of America, and the Graphic Artists Guild. Clem is a big dog who takes Dan for creative brainstorming walks.


Work Samples

Dan has worked with some well-known brands. GM, John Deere, Bombardier, Zodiac, McDonald’s, MasterCraft. This experience has honed his skills to ensure his ideas work. Click the images to see the videos, visit websites, and flip through the collateral.

Living the Dream
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Creative Design from the Rocky Mountains!

From On-Demand Chief Communications Officer to freelance Social Media Specialist, Dan can shape your communications to drive success.
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